Sabtu, 31 Mac 2012

descibed by the picture

first of all i wish get flying colour for my final result


my dream like a rainbow

many colour...and ways to catch up

sometimes, i feel i can do it

but sometimes i need another support

thats why have a two person inside a picture

one person is me

and another person is my supported

i imagine girl at the back is either boy and girl

 make easier to me desribed

he/she read a book

its mean it found out something inside the book

to give some advise

help me through a right way 

to make it my dream become true

butterfly also pray for me

and give me a some sipirt

look ! for a begin we through a big road 

but at the end it become small

its mean more advantures at the future

last but not least, every single colour is needed to make a rainbow

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