Jumaat, 6 Januari 2012

2 0 1 2

2 0 1 2 ?.....its mean my age increase from year by year..its scary right?...but for me its just a begin a new life...forgot what in the past...let bygone by bygone...simile untill your feel comfortable even your through a difficult life before....sometimes i admit that i also be annoying person..its life right?...learn from mistake and try to explore many things in the world without care about other person....i love my family,my friend dan also my boy friend...they are very important for my life...i dont know how to through the life without THEIR SUPPORT...i easy to love someone that close with me...and also leave  if i think that do something that make them disspointed ....i dont know why....

i never have a enemy...i dont want to have enemy...


my wishes for this year 2 0 1 2

* get a 3 and above pointer
* get a DIPLOMA end of this year
* continue my study
* engaged ( may be..hahaha)
*have a own money
*change to be better person.

p/s:  i dont wish something out my minds..because i based on what i have.. 

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