Rabu, 2 November 2011

what kind of a traveller are you?


i will answer all of the question is given..

1) who do you want to go on holiday with?
a good friend,my family and my lovely..

2) if you could magic yourself somewhere you would be?
on a private tropical beach.

3)your ideal hotel would be?
in the golden mile shopping district.

4)the outfit you pack first?
jeans and favourite T-shirt

5)your holiday packing is best described as:
essentials plus extra bags for holiday shopping.

6)the first thing you do after checking in at your hotel?
unpack and chill to get over the travel stress.

7)your best holiday transport?
i prefer to choose by bicycle or by gondola.

8)your favourite holiday food is?
the thing on the menu i've never tried.

9)your best holiday souvenir ever?
an album full of pictures.

10)your last holiday photos were mostly?
my picture and my friend or family or my guy.

11)how many new friends do you make on holiday?
there were other  people there?

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